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Experience elegance and sustainability with our latest trailer house project, the HBH-MODU 05. This stunning trailer house boasts a spacious dimension of 28 ft x 8 ft and a luxurious design. Its exterior features a captivating black cladding, adding a touch of mystery to the overall aesthetics. The house's design not only exudes elegance but also emphasizes sustainability. The roof of the HBH-MODU 05 is adorned with metal panels and equipped with rooftop solar panels, promoting eco-friendliness and energy efficiency. As you step outside, you'll discover the opportunity to create an enchanting outdoor dining area. Immerse yourself in breathtaking views of the nearby lake while enjoying delightful barbecues with your loved ones, making precious memories against the backdrop of mesmerizing sunsets. Upon entering the house, you'll be greeted by a seamlessly connected living room and kitchen area. Despite its compact size, this space is fully equipped to cater to your needs. The bedrooms are intelligently arranged on either side of the house, providing a comfortable accommodation for a family of two adults and two children during their vacation. To ensure privacy, a well-appointed bathroom and toilet area are located at the end of the trailer. Rest assured, you'll have the necessary amenities for a convenient and enjoyable stay. The HBH-MODU 05 is perfectly suited for both vacation getaways and rental purposes, offering a versatile solution for your accommodation needs. Explore the HBH-MODU 05 and discover the epitome of luxury and functionality at Our commitment to crafting exceptional products ensures an unforgettable experience for our valued customers.

Lots of beautiful and modern house plans. It's very easy to have a suitable option.

Timberly Williams


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