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Welcome to the introduction of our latest module home, HBH-MODU 13. This modern design features a two-bedroom layout and a front pool, offering a perfect blend of contemporary living. With dimensions of 22 x 36 feet (11m x 6.7m), the exterior showcases a harmonious combination of wood accents and a sleek black metal roof, providing a youthful and durable appeal.

At the forefront of the house, you'll find an open pool area, allowing you and your family to relax and enjoy the hot summer weather by the poolside. As you enter the home, the living room seamlessly connects to the kitchen, creating a spacious and modern layout. The bedroom area on the right offers a fantastic view of the pool, making it an ideal choice for beachside or valley locations.

Towards the back of the living room, you'll discover a fully-equipped second bedroom and a separate bathroom area with a bathtub. Imagine the pleasure of unwinding in the bath while enjoying a view of lush greenery, blending harmoniously with nature.

HBH-MODU 13 is designed by HouseBoxHub. Explore a wide range of house models, including container homes, trailer houses, and module houses, at Don't forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more exciting designs in the future.

Lots of beautiful and modern house plans. It's very easy to have a suitable option.

Timberly Williams


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